Racism = Race-based decision making

Whenever decisions are made with race a considerarion - it is a manifestation of racism.
(The same could be said of sexism:  Whenever decisions are made with sexual gender as a consideration - it is a manifestation of sexism).

By this simple definition, we can readily identify all forms of racism, whether it is by denying someone a job, an admission, a membership, a scholarship, acceptance, courtesy, etc. by reason of race, or by granting him a job, an adminssion, a membership, a scholarship, acceptance, courtesy, etc.  by reason of race.

Though one might rightly argue that God was responsible for setting in motion the origins of racial (ethnic) divisions at the Tower of Babel, we must also acknowledge that such pertain to Old Testament thinking that no longer fits into the New Testament age in which we live today.

Whenever one self-identifies as something other than "Christian", (that includes ts synonyms), he sets the stage for divisions, comparisons, competitions, strifes, discriminations, bigotries, supremacisms, hatreds and wars.

"we no longer know any man after the outward appearrance ..."

"In Christ, ther is no longer (any self-identifiying as ) Jew, nor Greek, salve nor free, barbarian or scythian, make or femaile, etc"

Bottom line: In Christ there is no longer identifying oneself and eachother by "race" or "ethnicity" -- we are all one in Christ.
And outside of Christ they are all subject under God's judgment and wrath.
Either way, race/ethnicity does not matter.