Strong delusions, false religions, godless philosophies, Christ-less crusades: distracting, diverting, different gospels

2Thess 2:11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:
2Thess 2:12 That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.
In its original 1st Century context, this passage was refering to the soon-to-appear Man of Sin.  Nonetheless, there remains an ongoing principle communicated here to all persons in the centuries to follow:
God allows strong delusions to be sent to those who do not believe the truth that they might believe a lie and be damned.
Because history has a way of repeating itself among those who refuse to learn, God has a way of repeating His judgments upon those who repeat the same mistakes as those we read about in the Bible. Even as God promised to send a strong delusion in the 1st Century, He is prepared to do so again and again to those who make themselves deserving of the same judgment by follwoing the same error.  To those people who refuse the truth of the Gospel of Christ, God will allow them to be swept up into one strong delusion or another.  Here is a example of some of the "strong delusions" of our times, having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof:
  • Racism - devoting oneself to the cause of some racial struggle for survival or equality or supremacy or reparations, etc., Black pride, White pride, Civil Rights zealotry, etc., 
  • Sexism -  devoting oneself to the cause of some gender-based struggle, Feminism, male chauvinism, etc.
  • Gay Pride - devoting oneself to the cause of homosexual issues.
  • Environmentalism
  • Communism, Stalinism, Marxism, Statism, Totalitarianism, Government-Utopia, National Socialism, Nazism, "Social Gospel"
  • Atheism, Anti-Christianity
  • Judaism, Zionism, Bless-Israel-no-matter-what
  • Anit-semitism, Jew-hating
  • Buddhism, Christless-christianity, Secular Humanism, world morality
  • Islam, Curse-Israel-no-matter-what
  • Politics, Conservatism, LIberalism, Republicans, Democrats, Tea Party, Green Party, Reform Party, Libertarian Party, etc.
  • Labor Unions
  • Nationalism, American Exceptiionalism, patriotism-as-religion
  • Financial "Success," selfish ambitions, bitter envies
  • Academia, Universities, big letters after your name, big head, big thumbs under your lapel, lifelong student
  • Sports fanatic, gun enthusiast, all consuming hobby, extreme & dangerous sports
  • Religious fighter, heretic hunter, denominational champion, sectarian enthusiast, cult leader
  • Drug addictions, alcoholism, gambling addictions, abusive and destructive relationships
  • Etc.

Basically, anything that people have a way of devoting significant portions of their lives to other than following Christ.  These distractions have a way of consuming more and more attention away from following Christ while stirring up passions against other people and even Christians and Christianity and bringing a person so deluded into open hostility against the truth of Christ.  It is by way of these strong delusions that people so seduced become enemies of Christ, ready to receive their just Judgment from God when their time comes.  And it seems as though every one of these strong delusions eventually produces a special person who represents the movement, personifies the crusade, in whom the devotees place their trust.

Beloved, keep yourselves from idols.  ~ 1 John 5:21

People have a way of following some idol (or its godless philosophy) when they don't follow Christ. And Christians cease to be spiritually active when they become politically active - because you cannot serve two masters.