Natural Selection: Theists out-compete Atheists

There is a way which seems right to man, but it leads to extinction.

The foundation of Evolution Theory is the principle of Natural Selection: the superior breed will out-perform, and therefore out-produce and eventually outnumber, the inferior of a given species. In this competition the inferior find themselves closer to extinction. Among human beings, everywhere we look, globally, throughout history and in the present day, those who believe in some form of Higher Power(s) far, far outnumber those who don't believe. Evidence of any atheist community in the ancient world is virtually non-existent. If there ever was an atheist population anywhere in antiquity, evidence of its survival has long been erased by its triumphant competition, Theists. Nature has selected the Theists as the fittest for survival over the Atheists.

In modern times, Atheists represent a very slender fraction of the whole of humanity. All the Atheists really have is an inflated sense of self-confidence by which they imagine themselves superior, the next evolutionary step up, while lacking hard evidence. Where are the numbers? Atheists' characteristic, self-confidence (with its attendant self-righteousness), may well be related to their dismal showing - the pride within Atheists leads to their own fall.  Self-willed pride inherent to Atheism grants Atheists no resistance to self-extincting moral miscalculations such as:

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  • homosexuality (no offspring)
  • abortion (no offspring)
  • sex-without-marriage (disadvantaged offspring)
  • adulterous second "marriages" (neglected offspring from first marriage and disadvantaged offspring from second "marriage")
  • feminism (lower birth rate, less competitive male offspring, feminIst female offspring).

Societies where Anti-Christian Atheism is dominant offer little resistance to self-defeating ideologies such as Communism, Marxism, Leninism, ISIS, Islam, Hindu-chaste system, Emperor-cult, etc.

(In contrast, for example, within 300 years of Christ being put to death as a capitol criminal, and in the face of the harshest State-sponsored persecutions, without raising a physical weapon, Christians had out-competed their rivals and reproduced themselves to the point that the dominant world superpower, the Roman Empire, found it politically expedient to surrender its own war on Christians and declare itself a Christian empire. The dominant religion of the dominant world powers has been the religion of Christ ever since and remains to this day. There is no Bible evidence nor historical precedent that this trend will ever change. This is the inescapable reality is what Atheists gnash their teeth in frustration against every day).

Today, estimates of those who voluntarily self-identify as some form of "Christian" numbers between 2 and 2.5 Billion of the nearly 7 billion human population worldwide. This is followed by the 1 billion involuntarily identified as some form of "Muslim." Add to that the nearly 1 billion Hindus and numerous followers of other theistic beliefs and it is quickly realized that the few Atheists present are on the margin, ever on the brink of extinction - entirely due to their uncompetitive inability to reproduce themselves. And this despite their murderous pograms against Theists (notably against Christians) by such Atheist regimes as the now-defunct Soviet Empire. Atheists are less populous because they are less competitive. According to Evolution Theory which relies upon Natural Selection, this evidences that Atheists are inferior to the competition that vastly out-populates them. Atheists must to give up their superiority complex - for their own survival.


Proverbs 14:12 There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.
There is a way which seems right to man, but it leads to extinction.

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