Rejecting the World's stories, histories, myths & legends

"reject Jewish myths"

Paul ministered to churches that had been formed by former synagogue attendees who were well grounded in the teachings of the synagogues, both the Old Testament as well as the "traditions of the elders," (what are today called "Oral Law").  Christ HImself denounced these "traditions of the elders" as distracting the hearers away from the Word of God (the Bible) and rendering it powerless in their lives.  Christ's apostle Paul echoes Christ by commanding them to "reject Jewush myths," where "myths" could just as well be translated as "stories" or "legends" or "extra-biblical histories."  What specifically applied to Paul's immediate audience of former synagogue attendees influenced by Jewish histories can more generally be applied everyone else who are influenced by American histories, African-American histories, European histories, Asian histories, etc. - reject them!  Reject the influence of the World's histories on your thinking, on your morality, on your decisions, on your way of life so that the only thing shaping your way of life is the simplicity of the Gospel, the Word of God alone.  No more syncretism! No more blending and compromising the Word of God with the World's stories, histories, myths and legends!