Specific Jewish context, universal multicultural application

Many teachings in the Bible are initially expressed in response to specific situations. But most of them have applications that apply to many situations throughout all time. For example, the New Testament describes various groups of Jewish people and their reaction to Jesus Christ. The Pharisees are one such group and they actually existed in that time and place. But the Pharisees also serve to describe any group of people that serve a morality system different from that of Christ Jesus. And we can see their personality traits, their behavior patterns in many, many different morality groups of our time. This is simply how self-righteous people act, like the Pharisees. And no matter how moral their morality system may appear to be, they ultimately compete with Jesus Christ and his morality system, which is the New Testament. The Apostle Paul wrote, " reject Jewish myths," and today that can directly mean, " reject non Bible stories." And so, while many of these articles on this website begin by quoting scriptures involving the Jews of the Bible, the applications find their way into many situations in our own time.